Innovation – Be Bold – Let Them Wonder How You Did It

With over two decades of experience working with varying companies and organizations to create and sustain strong brands and digital collateral, Paper Plane business services currently supports contracts around the globe. Our unique and quality service is an “outside of the box” approach; our solutions become the foundation for our customers’ critical business decisions.

Paper Plane applies a proven, industry-agnostic process that works for both public and private sectors. The key to our process is in-depth, up-front research that we use to assess internal and external perspectives on any organization to formulate a unique, creative, and customized approach to culture creation and application.
Paper Plane Branding and Marketing has a rich history of working in the Corporate-Enterprise space, continuously developing marketing messages for multi-billion-dollar companies and organizations with large footprints.

At the heart of Paper Plane, we believe our best ideas start with a thorough understanding of our customer’s objective followed by the transformation of insights into visions. Our courage empowers us to stand up for and promote the large objective. In tandem, our collective skills, talents, and abilities allow us to connect with people and facilitate that idea into a reality.

Our Team

We have a mix of professionals with wide-ranging expertise – including market researchers, creative director, web engineers, a technical writer, content creators, and a project manager. Whether we are building a brand, developing a new website or creating advertising and marketing campaigns; our philosophy is based around a true team effort. Our experts will collaborate closely with your internal team to discern the objectives and identify the best solution.

Jessica Gentry

Managing Partner

Managing Partner and liaison between Paper Plane and our clients.

Robel Taylor

Art Director

Art Director for Paper Plane and will head all creative look, feel and the conceptual processes. Robel will be working hand and hand with Jessica to get clear objectives outlined and will be designing with the end goal in mind. Robel will create and provide our technical team with design parameters and art applications needed to bring the entire look and feel to life.

Sam Craig

Lead Technical Engineer

Sam will head all projects that require a technical aspect; including build-outs and technical restraints or implementations for templates, customized solutions, software development, analytics, reporting and funnels (as needed).

Tammy Wolf

Technical Writer/Editor

Tammy is a technical writing professor and has an OER (online based textbook) accredited to her creation which is currently implemented within numerous universities. Tammy will manage QA, written content, and final assessment of services before projects are pushed live or delivered